The mountains reminded him of his time traveling in Ireland.

He shared with his friend his memory of seeing Lough Tay, Guinness Lake as it’s more often called, and his shot of Irish whisky at the end. John explained how he’d like to start a distillery of his own and build it to give people that kind of experience: a warm shot at the end of a beautiful journey. His friend mentioned he preferred Irish cream to straight up whisky. A seemingly casual remark that turned into a new beginning.

That beginning could come from John’s beginning—with a little nostalgia thrown in.

That seemed too perfect: his dairy farm roots combined with his passion for spirits inspired by an adventure with a friend. Could he really combine so much about himself in one product? Could he bring that small, family dairy and his adventuring nature to his vision for the future?

And so, from the beauty of the Vail Pass to the memory of a shot of whisky on an Irish hill to the pastures of his own family farm, Colorado Cream has come a long way. Inspiration, nostalgia, and adventure bottled in blue.