Where Colorado Cream is made?

We make it in Colorado with the help of Private Label Distillery. The goal is to open our own facility and bring production in house where we have more control and can expand on our list of offered beverages

What kind of alcohol is in it?​

It’s a Grain Neutral Spirit, which is 100% corn similar to Everclear.

How did you come up with Colorado Cream?​

Inspiration while biking to Vail Pass.​

What does it taste like?

It’s very similar to traditional Irish Creams but has a little butterscotch, some hazelnut, and vanilla.

What do you make with it?

The recommended drink is simply in a glass with some ice. It’s also delicious in coffee or hot cocoa, White Russians, Car Bombs, Martinis, Mudslides, Duck Farts, French Toast, Pies, etc.

Is it gluten free?

Technically yes. We use 100% corn alcohol; however, currently it's made in a facility that is not certified gluten free and so cannot label it as such

Is this all you make?

For the time being yes, but we should have a new flavor released this year.